Advanced Payment Services Cash Advance
If your business needs money for expansion, equipment purchase, inventory purchase, buyout, acquisition, short term cash flow shortfall or any other reason, APS will deposit it right into your bank account. There is no easier, quicker way to get the money you need for your business to grow, expand or invest.

APS understands that running a business requires various aspects such as supply vendors, day-to-day operations, and customers to succeed. Acceptance of credit card, debit, gift cards, and check payment options is essential in any business. APS provides tailored merchant solutions specific to different types of businesses.

  • fixed monthly payments
  • No collateral
  • No usage restrictions
  • Short application
Advanced Payment Services will automatically deduct a small fixed percentage of your daily Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and Discover transactions. A cash advance is not a loan and has no fixed term or fixed repayment schedule.

Turn Your Credit Card Receipts Into Cash You Can Use Today.